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It’s been hard to post in here – it’s been a strange year with 2 close friends passing away during the summer. So I haven’t been keeping up here. Just working at my graphic design business and working on art very desultorily, while I get used to the world without them.

I’ve been invited to be in the same show as last year, along with the 2 wonderful jewelers plus 3 new-to-me artists.  It’s a few days away and I’m scrambling to get ready. I’m grateful – because without a deadline, I probably wouldn’t get much done. It’s a relatively new thing for me to be showing/selling my art & craft work – it’s taken me years to get sort of comfortable with it. (I wonder if others feel this way? Probably.)

A few years ago, out of the blue I started experimenting with wool – knitting and felting – which was quite a surprise to me, as I’d always worked with some color medium on paper or canvas (i.e., watercolor, pastel, acrylic). With the felting process, I really enjoy how the colors blend together, and I find that it’s quite like painting. I started with knitting, weaving in different colors, and then branched out into crochet and needle felting.

This year, much of the work has a color palette inspired from the southwest. (Or from the nordic/northern European countries.) I work from photos that I’ve taken, or paintings that I’ve done based on those pictures.

Mostly I make bowls and pouches. This year I tried bracelets as well. Here’s one that is based on a painting of Canyon de Chelley, which is a deeply powerful and beautiful place – if you’re in Arizona, you should definitely go.

As usual, I am behind schedule in preparing for this, so best get back to work!


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