Is it a good idea to push your tweets from an RSS feed?

I use an app on Twitter that “cleans up” my Twitter feed (Twit Cleaner) and I love it.

One thing though — whenever I run a report, some people I follow are flagged as “[-] BOTS: more than 90% pumped out from an RSS feed” and the app gives me a very easy way to unfollow these folks.

I don’t feel that bad about unfollowing them either – nothing personal, but I’m on Twitter and other Social Media platforms to have a (virtual) conversation and to learn about new ideas and points of view. My feeling is that the interaction should be just that — otherwise, what’s the point?

There’s a give & take to it, just like at an actual, face-to-face, business mixer or party.

But maybe I’m missing something —  is there a situation where it’s a good idea to be pumping out updates automatically?

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