2012 REFB Barrel Wrap Project

A barrel wrap project calls for a highly visible design: after all, they have to stand out in a sea of visual data. But they can’t be so strong that they put people off – after all, we’re trying to encourage food donations, and also create visibility about ending hunger in our community .

It’s a design and composition balance between responsible images, seamless tie-in with the organization’s identity and message, appropriate sponsor recognition, and readability — the wraps must ‘read’ from any side.

Since 2004, I’ve worked with the REFB to create their barrel wraps. The wraps have to be replaced every few years due to wear and tear. For this project, we are limited to 3 inks: orange, green and black, which are the REFB identity colors.

Design and production was in late May, and the wraps were printed in early June (silk-screen, by Bel-Aire Displays). Once delivered, volunteers removed the old wraps, and attached the new ones to the barrels.

Skills Employed:

  • Creative Design & Production
  • Images – Art Direction, Editing
  • Digital Pre-press
  • Project Management

The Redwood Empire Food Bank (REFB) is Sonoma County’s largest hunger-relief organization, and provides food to over 78,000 people every month through its three Hunger Initiatives and a network of 149 charitable organizations throughout the county. The REFB also helps smaller food banks and charitable organizations acquire food in Lake, Mendocino, Humboldt and Del Norte counties. They distribute over 13 million pounds of food per year – the equivalent of over 28,000 meals a day. To learn more about their work, visit www.refb.org.

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