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Which newsletter type is best for you?

Newsletters fall into four general categories and determining your goals will help you select the best one for your organization’s needs: Marketing: Also called promotional newsletters, the goal is to build your business, whether you’re selling ideas, products or services. They’re ideal for approaching and engaging with new or repeat clients/donors/prospects. Not a direct sales […]

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Newsletters work best when…

A newsletter can be an effective way to communicate with your readers, whether they are clients, customers or donors. Newsletters work best when… Periodic interaction is sufficient. With all the information that’s being thrown at each of us daily, periodic information can be a blessing. However, if your business and audience needs constant interaction or […]

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Book/Walking Tour of Sebastopol & Iota Press (letterpress shop)

What a fun idea the Sebastopol Center for the Arts and Copperfields Books came up with — a walking tour of several local book-related venues, as part of their Celebrate Book Arts! program. Usually book related stuff involves a lot of sitting around — so combining books with walking is really rather brilliant. Here’s a […]

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