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Laguna Foundation Strategic Plan

I’m excited to share with you a just completed project: the Laguna Foundation’s first 5-year Strategic Plan. Staff and board members met many times with stakeholders, partners and volunteers to develop and refine their goals. Then they brought me on board to create the brochure — I provided writing, editing, design, illustration and project management […]

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Ernest Callenbach’s “Epistle to the Ecotopians”

Ernest Callenbach, author of the classic environmental novel Ecotopia and other works, and founder/editor of the internationally known journal Film Quarterly, died on 16 April 2012 at the age of 83, leaving behind this document on his computer. I found it well worth reading. He eloquently expresses many of the themes which concern me regarding […]

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“The Art of Explaining Stuff”

I read an article* today on The Art of Explaining Stuff. Explaining is what people in the communication fields do for a living, and we always like to learn how to do it better. The techniques listed in the article tied in well with what I’ve learned – and I thought back to where I […]

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Radiation Infographic

With further heartbreaking events unfolding in already hard-hit Japan, I created an infographic this morning on Radiation terminology and effects — as a way to understand terms with which I’ve grown unfamiliar, and as a public service. For an excellent Q&A, please see Richard Warry’s article in today’s BBC News on the health effects of […]

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