Working together – graphic design/illustration example:
We’ll meet several times over the course of a job — in person or remotely via phone/email. We begin with a meeting to discuss job parameters and expectations. I estimate the time and fee, and submit them to you for approval. Following approval and payment of the deposit, we’ll get started:
• I create a schedule and send it for your feedback/approval. I get any outside vendor quotes necessary (e.g., printer).
• I research the problem, then generate preliminary sketches for your review/feedback.
• I refine the preliminary design into a “comprehensive” mockup (“comp”) for your review/feedback.
• I create the final art as digital files set to the appropriate specifications (print or web).
• You “sign off” on the job, giving your approval to proceed to print or launch.

My Background:
Since 1997, I’ve worked on a wide range of subject matters and types of communications projects — both print and digital.

Education: University of California, Santa Barbara – Geography (minor Cartography); Environmental Studies (minor International Development). Santa Rosa Junior College – graphic design, fine art (coursework equivalent to BFA Graphic Design).

Teaching: graphic design, layout, and digital pre-press.

I’ve experienced many cultures and places. This adds diversity, richness and depth to my work.