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Laguna Foundation Strategic Plan

I’m excited to share with you a just completed project: the Laguna Foundation’s first 5-year Strategic Plan. Staff and board members met many times with stakeholders, partners and volunteers to develop and refine their goals. Then they brought me on board to create the brochure — I provided writing, editing, design, illustration and project management […]

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Words are more powerful to a child’s mind

What a profound quote by May Sarton – here’s a graphic to remind me.

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This is the time you are living in…

How many wonderful and insightful moments I have had in art classes over the years…..One day in 3-dimensional art class, instructor John Watrous said these words. I don’t remember the discussion that engendered them, or if they originally came from him or he was quoting someone else. No matter — they stuck and I’ve often […]

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Illustrations for “Rethinking the Internet of Things”

I’m so jazzed that Francis daCosta and Byron Henderson hired yours truly to create 5 watercolor illustrations for Francis’ just published book “Rethinking the Internet of Things“. The illustrations needed to be done in watercolor, have editable layers, and several rounds of revision. There just wasn’t the budget for ‘paint on paper’ illustrations, so I […]

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Spring Lake – 22 Jan 2014

A walk around the always picturesque Spring Lake. Water patterns are fascinating. It was about 75°F today – very unusual for this time of year.  Been a very dry winter and we’re under drought advisory already here in California.

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The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

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Happy Labor Day

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7 Tips for Proofing Well

Proofreading is one of those boring but essential aspects of producing quality work. When something is typeset on a computer or printed out, we tend to think it’s correct. But there are always errors in it. And you can’t assume that your client will send you correct copy to begin with. Proof several times: first […]

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Eye Level In Iraq

There is an important exhibit at the de Young museum in San Francisco right now that every American should see, must see: Eye Level In Iraq. It presents the photographs and commentary of Kael Alford, and Thorne Anderson, two American-trained photojournalists who documented the impact and aftermath of the US-led coalition’s invasion of Iraq in the […]

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The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, CA

In 2012, I visited “The Tech” museum in downtown San Jose.  I particularly enjoyed The Tech Awards Gallery, “Technology Benefiting Humanity” — it’s the only permanent museum exhibition on the West Coast that links social responsibility with technology in the areas of health, education, equality, economic development and the environment.  Here are a few pictures […]

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